The Rulebook of Tarkovsky’s Stalker

Most articles on this 1979 film consists of either Tarkovsky’s state of mind at the time, courtesy of his diaries or the burnt footages saga, which led to the reshooting of almost the entire film.

Unable to find a single article on the film, its philosophy and the emotions it evokes, frustrated as i was, I thought I might aswell try my hand at it.

  • The professor looks calm and level headed. He does whatever he is instructed to do.
  • The stalker makes rules for his other companions aswell. They must respect the zone, must follow each other and must use his techniques to survive in the zone. As for himself, he looks like a leader, someone who is born to command.
  • The biggest set of everchanging rules though, is presented by the zone. It has its traps, it has paths you must never set foot on and once you’ve walked on a path, you must never retrace it.

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