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Limitless paper in a paperless world

What starts as a documentation of the history of Klondike Gold Rush, quickly transforms to chronicle the history of Dawson City, the history of Cinema and irrefutably the history of People.

HAVE YOU READ ABOUT TACHYONS? These are hypothetical particles that travel faster than light. We are able to see objects because they reflect light — This reflected light is never destroyed (it cannot be), it just goes into the universe and travels for eternity. If tachyons are ever invented, they can be used, in layman’s terms, to overtake the photons of light that were reflected years ago. So, in…

Getting released in a time such as this works both in favor and against this well-animated, well-intended film which is equal parts funny, dramatic and emotional.

IT’S ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN when only a week after a feature film’s release, you already start coming across Buzzfeed articles saying “Which Character of the Film Are You?”. Soul is about a middle school music teacher Joe Gardener whose ambitions of becoming a Jazz Musician seem to be going nowhere. After a tragic incident in his life, Joe finds himself transformed into another form, in a dimension unknown. It doesn’t take him long…

I don’t want to offend classical movie lovers by the choice of this heading however I just can’t help but juxtapose this impassioned musical with what it inspired. La La Land.

“Is it real? Does it exist? Of course it does," read Snyder’s tweet about his cut of ‘Justice League’. Little did we know, not only does it exist, but it is enough to fill 4 full episodes, each an hour long.

Just to clear a few things up, I know DC Fans aren’t really welcoming about articles and videos about Snyder Cut. They have a fair point; they could’ve used these articles to push Snyder Cut in 2018/19, but not many writers/creators helped them then. Because I live under a rock, I got to know about this whole ‘movement’ fairly recently and the revolutionary in me couldn’t help but write about it. You can also read the article about Snyder’s Cut by Nathanael Molnár, which was published in May.

Poetic Justice is when a person of virtue is rewarded, and when…

When you think of this brilliant Peter Weir drama, you might remember the famous ‘O Captain! My Captain!’, the ingenious portrayal of John Keating by the late Robin Williams, if you’re an Indian you might be unlucky enough to remember the horrible remake of this classic (Mohabbatein), or you might remember ‘Carpe Diem’. What I remember is the death of Neil Perry by suicide.

Dead Poets Society is about a prestigious, all male, elite prep school, ‘Welton Academy’. When students are overburdened by the traditional ways of teaching and strict rules and regulations of the school, they meet their English teacher, John Keating. Keating’s unorthodox ways of teaching and humorous nature amazes them. As the movie progresses, their admiration for Mr. Keating (Captain) increases; and Mr. Keating, while teaching them English Literature, teaches them the way to live life.

These things might sound good on paper, but in the process he accidentally gives them something that they must never have, according to Welton’s rules…

What is the meaning of life? For centuries, philosophers have been trying to find the answer of this ever recurring question. In 1955, a name tried to answer this. A name which would become familiar across the seas, a name whose works would be studied for decades to come, a name which would inspire the likes of Scorsese, Lucas, Coppola, Kurosawa, Kazan, Nolan, a name which would be remembered for ages in retrospect. A name which would demand respect.

I remember my older cousin asking me who my favorite writer was when I was 9. I had read nothing but course books in the name of literature, but, without any hesitation, I answered him “Satyajit Ray". There was a 2-part short story written by Ray in our English book about a magician and his parrot. Today, I still haven’t seen as many films as I’d like to, but I say, without any hesitation, Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali is one of the best films ever made.

Imagine a debutant director, just 8 years after India’s independence, making this film in…

Most articles on this 1979 film consists of either Tarkovsky’s state of mind at the time, courtesy of his diaries or the burnt footages saga, which led to the reshooting of almost the entire film.

Unable to find a single article on the film, its philosophy and the emotions it evokes, frustrated as i was, I thought I might aswell try my hand at it.

Let’s dive straight into this. The opening credits are shown over the shots of a room soaked with dim yellow lighting. The color palette of the movie is established. There is something about dull colors that amuses filmmakers, right from the fascination of Kubrick for orange to the unabridged love of Fincher for green.

Next we see a table, shuddering due to a train passing by. This train will be our companion throughout the movie. It has introduced us to our protagonist, it will help the stalker go inside the zone and it will be a mute spectator in the…

Abhinav Jain

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